Two weeks ago, I hit my rock bottom.

  • My fatigue was horrible. As soon as I would get into any car I couldn’t concentrate and would eventually fall asleep. After I ate even the simplest meal, I would fall asleep…. During the week boyfriend had to follow me home every night to assure himself I got home safely.
  • I couldn’t concentrate at work (you know how hard it is to be a supervisor of 100 + truck drivers and not be able to take care of issues as fast as you normally could? It was chaos
  • I didn’t have the energy to go to CrossFit every morning like before. I even turn off my alarms so I wouldn’t be bother by them to even try to wake up. And I have several alarms to get me thru my morning to go to work

Clearly my hormones were taking over my body and I was just letting them do what they wanted.

Have you all experience similar situations? Where even your will power was not strong enough to overcome the exhaustion and the brain fog?

This past week I felt much better

  • I started cutting out carbs and sugars again from my diet – honestly I thought I was doing good and I was keeping up with my diet since i went gluten-free 3 years ago.  But I realized that I had substituted regular carbs with other types such as sweet potato, baked potato, fries, anything marked “gluten-free”.
  • I committed to go to CrossFit again. Last week, I went 4 days out of the week!! Not going to lie, I had trouble focusing in the morning to push myself to get out of bed. I know it sounds silly that I have to use all my energy to do a simple task as get our of bed. When your hormones are whack as mine and everything tires you out, even the simplest thing requires a lot of energy and concentration
  • I’ve been drinking more water and staying hydrated throughout the day. I’ve felt that just drinking water has helped me focus more during the day.

What other lifestyle changes have you guys tried to overcome the side effects of Hashimoto’s ?

Every journey starts by making small steps towards your goal. What will you change today to move forward in controlling your Hashimoto’s?


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