I started this blog to help me share my story of how Hashimoto’s change my life. It sounds cliché, I know. However, I felt that most of the people battling with this same illness, felt as lost and without out hope as I have. I’m not a success story. When I started this blog, I was starting my journey to recovery for the second time. That was a year and a half ago; I was feeling good and had manage to not screw up my social life with tiredness and fatigue. Nevertheless, in the last couple of months,  I have left myself go by not doing nothing about it. I admit, I haven’t taken my medicines, haven’t gone to the doctor, haven’t keep up with my diet. It sucks that I’m back to where it all started: So much fatigue, so much emptiness, so much numbness.


I want to break from that. I don’t want to stay in this dark hole for much longer. So I’m starting my recovery journey yet again. I can’t promise it will be the last time I hit rock bottom, but I can promise I will stick with my routines more thoroughly this time. If last time taught me anything is that I can live a healthy social life if I just keep working on myself.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. This is me admitting I have let myself down, but I’m willing to work myself up again.

not a disease


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