Back in 2014, I was a regular young adult. I ate everything and anything I could. I would go out and party. Stay up late and wake up in the morning like nothing. I took road trips whenever I wanted. I was living the regular YOLO college life. 

Like any normal college student, I loved food. I, personally, used to pride myself for being able to eat anything– Italian, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Cuban, etc. You name it, I ate it. I hated people who were picky with their food and didn’t liked to try new things. I knew most of all the restaurants in my hometown because of how often I went out to eat. Not to mention, I would eat until I couldn’t. I would get really bloated after eating and get digestive pain, but I would blame my love for food and my fat-ass for eating too much.


Back then, I didn’t know that my eating habits were killing me little by little.

I don’t know about you, but when you are a college student, you basically don’t have a sleeping schedule. You sleep when you can—in between classes, studying for exams, eating junk food, hanging out with friends and family, going out and working out. Sometimes you find yourself better with two hours of sleep than with five or six. Believe me, I would look forward to the summer or the winter break so I could sleep endlessly. During the semester though, I would sleep wherever I could accommodated myself. In a desk, sofa, car or study room floor. I never had trouble going to sleep; I can lay in bed and in three minutes: I’m gone! I never thought much about it.


I was a sleep-deprived student; for me, falling everywhere wasn’t a big deal—or so I thought.

This might be too much information, but this is how I figured something was wrong. I’ve always had heavy periods. Usually lasting a week or a week and a half. What sucked about them more than the mood swings and the cravings, were the horrible cramps. They felt like knives puncturing my ovaries repeatedly. I would get them so bad that I would need to be in bed all day, in fetal position, with a pillow or a warm blanket covering me—as if they were going to protect me from the pain. Sometimes, not even Extra-Strength Midol would help me. The cramps would last for two days. What would get me through the pain is that in a couple of days I would be free from mother nature and the vicious cycle periods tend to be.

Other than all of this, I was a normal college student in South Texas. I majored in  Mathematics with a minor in Business Administration. I was active around campus, participating in multiple organizations the local Greek life. I went to study abroad in Chile and Argentina for three amazing weeks. My life was perfect leading up to my graduation in the Spring of 2014. I had accomplished so much, living to the fullest, enjoying every moment and every crazy adventure with my family and friends. You only live once became my motto.

This all changed when I graduated and joined the adult world. Not only did my free time shrank, but I discovered that how I was living my life was not normal. Eating until getting bloated, sleeping everywhere I could, and heavy menstrual periods were symptoms for something I never expected.

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